i wish bands would put on two concerts

one for the people who want to mosh and push and yell and all that stuff

and then one for the fragile people who just wanna sit criss cross applesauce and listen to a band play their favorite songs

Is this a joke or

Do u want to hear a joke? Is that why u r on tumblr dot com? What do u call a fake noodle? An impasta!! Haha a funny joke on tumblr! Yes, before u ask that was a joke, too! :-)

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When I was 7 there was a group of really mean girls in my class and one day I pulled out my crayons and one of the girls walked up to my desk and looked me in the eye as she snapped my crayons in half 

if i were you i would have sharpened that crayon back, walked up to her, and looked her in the eye as i sliCED HER FUCKING THROAT OPEN WITH IT, I NEEDED A NEW RED ANYWAYS

new from crayola:


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there’s a rumor going around my school that a girl in choir got suspended for fingering herself in class uh


ur school wins

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